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Nutrition has been a passion of mine for well over a decade now.  Over the years I have gained extensive practical experience & I have also taken several courses to improve my knowledge.

Working with www.veganbodybuilding.org I have interacted with some of the top plant based athletes & developed an extensive knowledge of problems associated with many special diets, for both athletes & non-athletes alike.

I have also helped those with many medical conditions improve their health by helping them find diets that best suit them & allow them to live their lives as they wish to; as well as working with those wishing to lose weight, the elderly & the physically impaired to help improve how they feel & look using dietary intervention as one of the tools.

If you wish to look better, feel better & perform at your best, then diet is a key component in achieving your goals.

Nutrition can be included as part of a training program or as a separate component. Just remember that without the proper fuel source your body will never reach its optimal potential.

Apart from years of experience in the field of nutrition I have obtained several qualifications over the years including:

S.A.C. Dip Clinical Nutrition Stonebridge College (distinction)
Specialist in Performance Nutrition (2008-2010)
Nutrition and Physical Activity for Health (distinction) University of Pittsburgh
Fundamentals of Human Nutrition (distinction) University of Florida
Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention University of California, San Francisco

It is my intention to continue to study & improve my nutritional knowledge both academically & working in the field, helping clients to attain their goals using diet as tool to improve their health, their appearance & their lives!

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