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Here are a few testimonials from clients.

Thank you card from client
A thank you card from a client

I have been training with Pete for about a year and half.  He was recommended to me via a mutual friend.  We initially were training at my flat. More recently we have moved to the gym up the road.

I have several variable health conditions that present me with all sorts of barriers to exercise, flexibility and mobility in quite unpredictable ways.  They stopped me even thinking about exercise for a long time.  I also have some weight issues which my GP told me I needed to address for my long term health and which exacerbate my health conditions.

Meeting Pete was a real game changer for me.  Firstly, he was up for home visits, which meant that even on days when I wasnít up for leaving the flat he could come round and get me moving.  Secondly he is incredibly positive Ė which has a great effect on my mood even when I am feeling low.  Spending time training with Pete always buoys me up emotionally.  Thirdly he is extremely gentle and flexible when bits of my body arenít functioning properly:  he can always find a substitute exercise and is a real genius with improvising around my aches and pains.

I have always found Pete to be extremely personable, funny, polite and reliable.  When he was doing home visits he was extremely respectful of my home and possessions.  And he has all the latest kit:  I have loved being in a gym with him and he is logging all my data on his tablet:  feels very modern!  He is also great on nutrition advice.

I have lost a lot of weight and I am feeling more toned and stronger than I ever would have imagined 2 years ago.  I feel like I am getting my body back and the confidence this experience has given me has impacted on all the other areas of my life.

Pete's approach to health and fitness is extremely intelligent and kind. He simply encourages me to be the best that I can be and his input in that part of my life has improved all other parts of my life too.  Highly recommended.

Having suffered sever back pain and having fibromyalgia I got recommended by a family member to have a sports massage off Pete . He was very professional and made me feel comfortable. He offered great advice and after care and most importantly he helped reduce the pain I was experiencing. I would highly recommend him. 

I am more than pleased with the results from my resistance band training with Pete, we havenít completed the whole set yet and yet Iíve reduced my tummy greatly and feel really toned up all round. More than that Iím fitter, I had to run to catch a dog and I didnít get out of breath like normal and heart wasnít racing as it usually does.  Another thing Iíve noticed is that when walking my posture is straighter, maybe as part of the benefits or maybe because I feel so much better without the tummy. I highly recommend Peteís training and he is gentle in his approach building up over time so itís within my limits.

I suffer from Fibromyalgia which has been very traumatic at times.  In the past I have tried various therapies from hydro therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, magnetic, and ultrasound, but none of these has helped much. I have even tried vibrational training, but I would not recommend that anyone with fibromyalgia try this, as from my own personnel experience it really made me much worse!

Since training with Pete he has not only been a fantastic inspiration, but has helped ease the muscle pain through massage, and has encouraged me to gradually exercise again! I have also gained some fab advice towards nutrition too.  Pete is a good listener, and always listens to where my pain is, and individualises both the massage therapy and the exercises to suit, which I feel is something very unique.

I would like to say a special thank you to you Pete x



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