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Training is a great passion of mine, using traditional barbell & dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight, resistance bands. Whatever your goal is then some form of training to strengthen you or increase your cardiovascular fitness will always be advantageous. We will work together to find the type of training that brings you results & is fun for you to do. Finding the ideal training to get you the results you want without the boredom & grind found in many programs.

Over the years I have been mentored by many great coaches & trainers. As well as that I have taken several qualifications that have helped me understand both the body & how to train. I believe that the merging of both the practical of working with people & the academic skills of taking qualifications work together to to mold a better coach.

In the Brighton & Hove area I offer both one to one coaching & small group training. Online line I offer assessments, training design & post-rehab. Online we can use video as well as client feedback to create the ideal program.

A few of my qualifications are:

Anatomy & Physiology dip
Exercise & fibromyalgia (2006-2010)
ISSA CFT (2006-2010)

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